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Here at Breathe we know that when you are doing up a room you often have furniture that you don’t need anymore but you don’t want to see going to waste or into landfill. And so, we are delighted as interior designers to have partnered up with the housing charity NOVAS Ireland. 

NOVAS is a voluntary organisation and Approved Housing Body working with families and single adults who are disadvantaged, socially excluded and primarily homeless or at risk of being homeless. They provide a range of services and accommodation for marginalised households throughout Ireland and believe that everyone is entitled to a home.

NOVAS are so excited to launch their campaign #FromOurHomeToYours with the objective of helping to transform the houses of Novas tenants into cosy, warm and unique homes. And this is where Breathe comes in!

All the NOVAS houses are unfurnished. Many of the people they provide houses to were previously living in emergency homeless accommodation, have a disability or have other additional needs. It is a huge burden for them to purchase all they need to make a house a home. We are asking you as customers of Breathe who have good quality furniture that you love but no longer need if you would like it to go to a new home where it is needed and will be loved. NOVAS would be thrilled to accept your goods and offer them to families . They will arrange collection from your home at a time that is convenient for you. Your help and your donation could bring comfort and joy into someone else’s home. All the details will be on your Breathe confirmation or you can see more details of the campaign on the NOVAS website.

And There’s More!!!

In conjunction with the campaign, Gillian will run the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon on 18th September to raise funds for the great work done at Novas for those facing homelessness.

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