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Natural Feelings

The tone of this board is very earthy, using neutral tones to create calmness and adding interest using different textures and the colours of nature. A perfect blend for wherever you like to relax and unwind.

Summer Fun

This board is all about turning your outdoor space into an extra room where you love spending time. Incorporating outdoor rugs, metal and bamboo furniture along with cozy lanterns and throws, you’ll be all set to enjoy our Irish summer.

Dining Dreams

Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee or entertaining friends and family, this cozy urban board enjoys the style of an industrial vibe softened with natural materials and textures to create a comfortable dining area at any time of day.

Urban Mist

This living room board shows how a room can be so inviting using darker shades with pops of drama. From the sleek lines of the modern furniture to the joy of the soft furnishings, this room is perfect to either entertain or relax after a long day.

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